I mentioned this on Twitter so apologies for the double mention, but I’ve lost 23 pounds since December 10. The general changes I made are: no dairy, no caffeine, no chocolate or sweets, low sodium, and no processed foods. I definitely don’t always stick to every one of these but I do my best. The fresher the food the more likely I am to eat it now.

The only exercise that ever seems to stick for me is walking so I’ve increased my steps per day by taking extra walks during the workday, changing my routes to make them longer, and walking in my living room to horror movies. It’s what works for me so I’m happy.

I am just shy of my weight on January 31, 2011 which was the first day of work at my current job.

If I lose another 23 pounds I will be close to my weight on November 1, 2008 when I started my first job in NYC.

If I lose 23 more after that I’ll be back to my weight when I moved here on August 2, 2008.

That’s pretty awesome. Looking forward to that!


  1. hello haha harf says:

    ohmydog i am positively THRILLED for you. the weight loss is great, but the eating better and moving is just spectacular! (you are kind of inspiring me to stop sitting on my butt. and eating crap. thanks, pretty lady!)

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